Pain relief

The pain syndrome indicates a malfunction of the body. Therefore, to get rid of pain should be with the help of drugs aimed at eliminating the disease itself. This does not mean that discomfort should be tolerated, but it is not worth confining yourself to taking medications that only stop the pain. Consider the main types of remedies that reduce pain.

Neuralgia develops gradually. The longer the pain syndrome, the more intense the pain becomes. This causes serious damage to the nerve cells and ultimately leads to their death. Then, the nervous system may lose its ability to control pain, says Ed Ross, MD, director of pain management at Brigham Hospital in Boston.

“Painful neuropathy is a chronic problem,” Robert Gervin emphasizes. Therefore, general practitioners should actively take care of it. ” According to him, endocrinologists and therapists, and not only pain specialists, often prescribe anesthesia. Discuss the following pain relief options with your doctor and decide what methods are appropriate to improve your comfort level.

Local treatment

Local analgesics in the form of cream or gel can relieve the tingling sensation, numbness or pain in the extremities. However, this treatment itself is not very effective, experts recommend using it along with other means, including medications and additional procedures.

Prevention of pain

It is easier and cheaper to prevent pain than to treat it:

  1. Practice. Regular physical activity contributes to weight loss, which can slow the development of pain and reduce inflammation throughout the body. If you already feel mild symptoms of neuropathy, do not stop. Look for low-intensity exercises, such as swimming or biking, and discuss with your doctor what painless exercise suits you.
  2. Visit your doctor regularly. Therefore, it will be more likely that, in time, you will take the additional precautions necessary to avoid further damage.
  3. Talk about your problems. Be honest with your doctor and talk about what you are experiencing. If you feel any pain, or if you feel tingling or numbness, which can then cause pain, and does not control these phenomena, it increases the likelihood that the pain syndrome will increase.